QA Program

Our processes for ensuring excellence of performance and products are documented in our Quality Assurance (QA) Plan. Key tenets of our plan include building quality into our products from inception, ensuring iterative review and oversight of all products and services, and using customer feedback to continually improve performance. We maximize quality by ensuring all team members have thorough training and adequate resources to produce the required products. Major deliverables will include in-process reviews to identify deficiencies early and minimize rework. All products will be reviewed for task objectives by the Project Manager prior to delivery. We will record all customer feedback obtained through all available indicators and conduct regularly scheduled reviews with all personnel. These reviews will focus on institutionalizing best practices and correcting deficiencies across the entire team. This continual improvement mechanism will be used to steadily improve quality and contain costs. All personnel will be indoctrinated on the processes in the QA Plan to ensure they are understood.

Seaport-e Point of Contact:
Ian P. O’Connell
Phone: 877.503.0222 x1601
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